Book Review 2018

Διαβάστε αυτό το ποστ στα ελληνικά.


My year in books,  as presented by Goodreads

Goodreads goal: 80 – I read 132


Languages -> English: 118 –  Greek: 12 –  Swedish: 2

Format -> ebooks: 102 – print: 30

79 authors, out of which:

  • Women: 61,  men: 17, nonbinary: 1
  • 22 people of color out of which 19 women


Fiction/short fiction: 8
SF/Fantasy/Horror: 9
Children’s/YA: 8
Nonfiction: 3
Classics: 1
Comics: 21
Mystery/Thriller/Crime: 2
Poetry: 0
Romance: 80

The year’s Top 10, in no particular order

Romance recommendations

In recent years I’ve discovered romance novels and I read them voraciously. These books dominated my reading for 2018 since I needed to read happy and comforting things, books that kept my attention and made me think, but I could always count on a happy ending. I read many many books by many authors and I thought I’d recommend a few favorites.


  • KJ Charles: super super favorite, I’ve read all her books and they are gorgeous. She writes historical and paranormal m/m romances. Recs: The Charm of Magpies, Society of Gentlemen and Sins of the Cities series as well as Wanted, A Gentleman and Band Sinister (came out in 2018 and I adored it).
  • Cat Sebastian: she also writes historical m/m romance and her books are delightful. I can recommend Unmasked by the Marquess that came out in 2018, as well as the Turner series.
  • Talia Hibbert: British author, a revelation for 2018. She writes mainly contemporary romance with black women protagonists and adorable cinnamon roll heroes. I’ve read most of her books and she never disappoints. Recs: Wanna Bet?, Undone by the Ex-con, A Girl Like Her, Mating the Huntress.
  • Other favorite authors: Courtney Milan, Alyssa Cole


And some of my favorite romance novels/novellas that I read in 2018

My goals for 2019:

  • Reduce my TBR
  • Read more books in Greek and Swedish
  • Read more nonfiction, poetry, classics, genres I don’t usually go for
  • Read more books from non English-speaking countries
  • Read more authors of color
  • Fix and organize my shelves on Goodreads

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